AKG C314 Studio Condenser MIc

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What are you recording today? A choir? A rock band? Voiceovers or Foley? When you need a mic that will accurately capture any source, you'll be impressed by the AKG C314 condenser microphone, sibling to the legendary C414. Made in the same factory in Austria, it uses AKG's famous XLS microphone capsule, which has been finely tuned to deliver a clear, full sound and an off-axis response that doesn't sound unnatural. The C314 offers an outstanding dynamic range and ultra-low noise, which means you'll be able to capture dynamic vocalists and instruments with the utmost detail. And with the C314's multi-polar-pattern design, you can use it for vocals, as a room mic, for recording large ensembles, and more.

Model: C314
Manufacturer: AKG

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