PreSonos CDL18S 18" Powered Sub, 1000 Watt Amp W/DSP

PreSonos CDL18S 18" Powered Sub, 1000 Watt Amp W/DSP
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The unique port configuration in the Presonos CDL18s enclosure maximizes efficiency to create a big bass sound from a compact cabinet. Each of the four triangle-shaped ports are placed in the corners so that they couple to the cabinet. This takes advantage of the side walls to build out the port, effectively elongating each port and allowing the CDL18s to move more air in a compact enclosure. This configuration also avoids port chuffing while minimizing baffle reflections to deliver better phase coherence. Its custom 18-inch low-frequency transducer with 4-inch voice coil can travel 7 mm before over-excursion, and easily handles 800W. Every design decision was made so that the CDL18s packs serious punch into a small footprint.

Model: CDL18S
Manufacturer: PreSonus

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