AKG D11 Dynamic Bass Microphone (w/ Cable)

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The D11 is styled in a similar way to the D11 but is significantly larger, with an extended bass end that allows it to be used with kick drums and bass guitars, as well as all the sources that the D22 is designed to handle. Again there's a swivel mount, but this time the XLR connector is built into the plastic moulded swivelling section, so the effective mic length isn't altered by plugging in a cable. A cardioid design, the D11 has a frequency response that extends from 20Hz to 20kHz — although, once more, no frequency plot was included in the documentation. I found this especially frustrating, as kick mics tend to have 'interesting' response plots that are more to do with musicality than with accuracy, and I would have liked to see what the designers have chosen to do.

Model: D11
Manufacturer: AKG

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